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2009-12-17 18:13:26 by ZooAnimal

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New flash

2009-12-14 06:26:35 by ZooAnimal

The Final Countdown.
Music vid :)

Guess Whos Back.

2009-11-16 14:53:46 by ZooAnimal

Me, sorry if I disapointed you from my leave, but i am back, and working on the projects I promised. <3

Guess Whos Back.

Gears Flash Again.

2009-01-27 06:23:45 by ZooAnimal


Gears Flash Again.


2008-12-16 14:39:21 by ZooAnimal

After seeing the best attempt of a new version of flash made by Betino Baez on the front page, It gave me an inspireation, and right away, im making a new flash with this consept.


Gears of war Flash

2008-10-24 14:43:55 by ZooAnimal

Im working on a new flash, about true events in gears of war,
If you ever played Gears of war online the brittish always are criticizing the Americans and Canadians are natural, each voice actor will be given a copy of the script and will speak for their characters lines, feel free to put in your own punch.
Voice actors:

-Empty (Britten)
-Empty (American)
-(Filled) (American)
-Empty (Deep voiceamerican)
-Empty (American)

This is a very small project, and is not against anyone, just basing it out of the huge fights between Britten and Americans even online.
Thanks :)

Im thinking of starting on a remake on Randomness Part 1,2, and then making my way to three.
But i want to lurk my way to new content, instead of same old.

So i have an idea.
Why dont you Decide.

I Make:

The Crew Remake
The Crew Two

Or the classics from my new account.

Castle Crashers Cluster 2
Faithless Hacked Remake
Faithless Hacked 2

(Dont say that number 2 is on its way, me and Nick will work on it when we have the time.)
Count down to GEARS OF WAR 2 (14/D) WEWT!!!

The New Profile
The new customizable Profile pages Are pretty useful... but more could be done. :P

Canceled My Book:
I canceled my book for now to get more ideas, ill be sure to start again sometime next month.

Why Dave?
A flash from loveshinehero, as he would say "Egoraptor will be proud" its a flash he made with all keyframes and its pretty funny.

Dont Say That Number 2
A sequal to "Dont Say that Number" but some more info about the sequal, its going to be longer, with better animation :D Me and Nick thought long and hard about it and we got a whole new scary character, with a whole new twist, with a whole new number. :O

Xguala Remake OR Xguala 2
Im still thinking hard about if i should release the sequal to Xguala, and i will be sure to give you the latest news about it.

Console Buddies
Another big submission by Loveshinehero, its a sitcom about Xbox Ps3 Wii And other consoles, and will be sure to be a great five minute animation.

(Looking for name)

2008-10-08 18:57:07 by ZooAnimal

This is a story i made im gonna make it a full on book, so enjoy :)
He sood before a broken world, being the only one left to the waistland that used to be a beautiful world.
His body quivvered for food when he picked up a bag of mcdonalds from the dusty road and ate slowley
beside the demolished building, the brown setting of the city layed in his hazel eyes.
The ruins made him drip in tears "Lilly"

24 Hours Earlier

"Lilly whats going on" The man said seeing bright lights surrounding the city, "DUCK" she yelled back,
running towards him with ashes covering her shoulders, the bright light came closer in rage, buildings
were feroshisly ripped apard, bricks covered the city streets painted with people.
Screaming could not excape the large firey beast quickly closing on their possition, "Lilly! go inside!" he
yelled directing her to the house.
They ran in seeing many people, "HELP ME!" a little girl said in the arms of an elderly woman with tears
poruing from her wrinkly face.
The city filled with fire and democracy.
Helicopters quickly took off, some avoided the explosion but others just became the storm of the city.
the man was covering his wife tightly covering her crying eyes, as she yelled "WHERE ARE MY CHILDREN"
the cieling collaped and all weent black.

24 Hours Later

He sniffed and whiped his nose with his arm, holding his shirt up to his mouth as the misterious gasses past
He got up, ripping the piece of clothing that was wrapped around the street light pole, his eyes were
blurred, and he could only see the limited rubbels, looking at the sign overlooking the bridge it said
California, confused to where he was he sighed and walked, whiping his remaining tears, he only looked
straight, to the bodies that remained on the floor he did not want to see.
He took a path off the road and jumped down to a small beach, washing his face he had satisfaction,
he opened his eyes to a reflection in the oiley water.
His pupiles shrinked and his body quickly turned to the sight of a woman hanging from the street light.
He quickly took a piece of his pants and ripped it, tieing it around the pole he quickly climbed it.
"LILLY!" he said umpatiently, half way their he began to cry, knowing her fate, he knew she wasnt alive.
He slowley started to go back down, when dirt poured down on his face, he slowley moved his eyes up,
seeing his wife eyes wide open staring at him.
"Lill..." he said slowley.
She blinked and began to squirm,
"LILLY" he said excitedly, "Qhuahh" She grouned, as her pupils grew bigger turning bright yellow,
"Ru....un..." She said painfully, she began to grow bigger and now moving violently, "Han...k NOW!! RUN!!"
She said as her voice slowley got deeper.
Hank began to sprint down the pole and started to run, His wife now possed she leaped from the pole,
running adnormaly fast, doubling his speed.

38 HOURS Earlier

"A series of illness has broken out, and will spread quickly if we do not handle it" Said the man in a navy
"Its your call president" Said another.
"Set the bombs..." said the white haired man, walking out the doors.
"You heared the man, Chad" said another tapping the man with a radio on the shoulder.
"Seargent Gastin here..., calling all units, send an airstrike to California" Said Chad, as he quickly whiped
tears from his eyes.
700 miles from their location lied a fleet of planes, " You heard him, lets cause some fire.", the fleet
Quickly changed their route.
The president stood before millions, the world. "A sickness has broken out, a quarantene will surround
California, no questions asked,

Castle Crashers Cluster.

2008-10-02 06:44:48 by ZooAnimal

Im gonna put together all of the flashes i made for the collab, and add music, SFX so on...
I need voice actors if you want to volenteer.

for my latest flash on the Castle Crashers cluster: /27759_castle_crashers_test.php?lightb ox
for the others /27862_Castle_crashers_remix.php?light box /27893_Castle_Crashers.php?lightbox

Castle Crashers Collab

2008-09-28 13:03:24 by ZooAnimal


See my part here! /46551_Castle_Crashers.php

My name was also co authored in Ninja collab so my hacker doesnt have the best of my flashes :)

FaithlessDave Conspiracy

2008-09-06 22:49:52 by ZooAnimal

My account "FaithlessDave"
Got hacked :(
Any suggestions?